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Summer Opportunities Fair

Summer Opportunities Fair

Fair Details

Where am I?


What types of camps are represented?

The Summer Opportunities Fair attracts a variety of camps, clubs, learning centers, outdoor educational programs, summer schools, athletic camps, tutorial services, travel programs, advanced education programs, dance schools, art camps, and many more. Some camps are day camps while others are sleep away camps. The programs may be local, national or international.

What age ranges do the camps serve?

Camp programs may serve children ranging in age from pre-school through high school. You will have the opportunity to find a camp that suits the needs of your child and/or family.

Does the Summer Opportunities Fair endorse the camps who exhibit?

The Fair and its sponsors are not responsible for the claims made or services delivered by the camps exhibiting at the Summer Opportunities Fair or listed in its directory. We strongly recommend that inquiries be made and references be obtained prior to committing to a camp or program.

Is financial aid available?

Some camps do offer financial aid. We suggest that you make it a point to ask the camp representative. Do not be deterred if financial aid is not mentioned in the camp directory.

Are special needs camps represented at the Fair?

We often have camps that cater to children with special needs registered for the Fair. Many camps offer special weeks or dietary considerations within their programs. We hope to continue to attract and actively publicize the Fair to camps that are inclusive. If you are aware of a special needs camp that may be interested in being an exhibitor, please let us know and we will contact them.

How do we find out additional information about the camps after the Fair?

At the Fair you will be given an Exhibitor Directory containing the names and information of each camp/program represented at the Fair. At the end of the Fair, this website will be launching a “Virtual Camp Fair” allowing parents and children an additional opportunity to revisit some of the camps that had booths at this year’s event.

How do we get information about next year's Fair?

Remember to check the web site beginning the summer after the Fair for updated information. Also, sign up for E-news and we will send you a reminder about the next Fair. If your email address changes, please let us know.

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